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Diwali / Deepawali

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Diwali / Deepawali is one of the major festivals of Hindus.

Diwali / Deepawali is celebrated on the day of “Amavasya” in the month of “Kartik”.

If we talk about English calendar Diwali used to be in the month of October & November.

People of all religions used to celebrate Diwali all over the world.

Diwali is the festival of glow lights, lamps because this is a festival of the victory of Goodness (brightness) over the devilness (darkness).

Diwali / Deepawali

It is a festival of 5 days, which starts from Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj (Bhaiya Dauj).

This festival belongs to Maha Laxmi. On this day “Maha Laxmi” and “Lord Vishnu” come back to Ayodhya in the form of “Lord Rama” and “Maa Sita” after defeating the king of Lanka “Ravan”.

From that day people starts to celebrate Diwali.

There is an other mythology i.e., in dwapar “Lord Vishnu” killed “Narkasura” in the form of “Lord Krishna”.

That is the reason that day before diwali known as Narak Chaudas or Narak Chatardashi.

1st Day –

The celebration of Diwali starts from the day of Dhanteras, people start shopping on this day, they purchase new home utensils, jewelries, Clothes, fireworks, material to decorate their houses.

On this day people start to clean & decorate their house, roof & Doors. Also they made Colourful designs at doorsteps by colours, colourful rice etc.

2nd Day –

Next day is celebrated as “Narak Chaturdashi” or “Chhoti Diwali”.

On this day people used to purchase sweets, and according to tradition Chhoti Diwali if the day on which all people visit to their freind’s/ Relative’s home to exchange gifts/ sweets, and wish them for a happy and prosperious Diwali.

3rd Day –

Next Day is main day of these five day, this is the day of Diwali (Deepawali). The main food of the day is Puris, Sabji and kheer.

On this day people worship for “Lord Hanuman” in the early morning, after that they visit to the freinds/ relatives to exchange gifts/ sweets.

In Evening people worship/ pray to Maha Laxmi for prosperity and wealth.

It is the biggest pray day of Maha laxmi in full entire year.

After their prayers people used to eat sweets, Start playing with fireworks.

4th Day –

Next day is celebrated as “Govardhan Puja”.

On this day “Lord Krishna” saved all the communists and farmers from heavy rain by lift a mountain “Govardhan”, they also saved all the corps by this step.

Diwali / Deepawali

From that day This day is known as “Govardhan”.

People used to make a picture of “Govardhan Mandu” by cow-dung in their house.

In evening time they pray that pictures for prosperity.

5th Day –

Last day is celebrated as “Bhai Dooj” or “Bhaiya Dauj”, on this day “Subhadra”, sister of “Lord Krishna”, tilak his forehead after he killed “Narkasura”.

From that cday this day is known as Bhai Dooj.

All brothers come to their sisters for their tilaks

This is The 5 day festival of Hindus.


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