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Worship of Lord Hanuman brings concentration, strength, courage. Worshiping Lord Hanuman also saves from Mahadasha of Shani.

Lord Hanuman
  • Hanuman ji is one of the most revered deities of Hindus.
  • Devotion to Lord Hanuman is the most popular.
  • Hanuman ji is the most important person in the epic Ramayana.
  • It is believed that he is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva.
  • They are considered to be the most powerful and intelligent.
  • Hanuman ji is worshiped to avoid the fierce eye of Shani.
  • Lord Hanuman was the son of Vanar Raj Kesari and Anjana.
  • Hanuman ji was born on Tuesday on Chaitra Purnima in the last phase of Tretayuga.
  • His body was like a barge which is why he was also called Bajrangbali.
  • He was also known as Pawan Putra.

Popular stories related to Lord Hanuman:-

  • When Hanuman was hungry as a child, he considered the rising sun as a fruit and went to the sky to catch it and took it into his mouth.
  • Hanuman ji made Sugriva’s friendship with Shree Rama.
  • Hanuman ji was incarnated to help Lord Rama.
  • He is one of the nobles who have the blessings of immortality on this earth.

Boon – Who and What: –

One day Mata Anjani left Hanuman ji to bring the fruit. When Hanuman was hungry, he considered the rising sun as a fruit and went to the sky to catch it. To help them, the wind also started moving very fast. The Sun God also left him as a child and did not let his glory affect him. At that time Rahu wanted to eclipse the Sun. But at the touch of Hanuman ji, he ran away from fear and went straight to Devraj Indra.

On hearing Rahu, Indra panicked and walked towards Sun. After seeing Rahu, Hanumanji left the sun and swung at Rahu. Seeing this, Indra Dev hit Hanumanji with Vajrayudh which caused him to fall on the mountain and broke his left chin. Seeing this, Pawan Dev finally got angry. As a result, he stopped his pace, no creature in the world could breathe and all started to suffer. After that Lord Brahma reached there and made Hanuman ji alive. Then Vayudev, by transmitting his Vayu again, removed the suffering of all beings.

Lord Hanuman

Then Brahmaji gave a boon to Hanuman ji that no weapon could harm any part of his body.

Indra Dev gave a boon that Hanuman ji’s body would be stiffer than thunderbolt.

Suryadev gave a boon that they would give him his own glory as fast and also blessed him to be a scholar.

Varun gave a boon that he would always be safe with his loop and water.

Yamdev blessed to be immortal and neurological.

Name and design: –

  • Devraj Indra named him – Hanuman.
  • Apart from this, it is famous by many names – Bajrang Bali, Maruti, Pawanaputra, Sankatmochan, Kesarinandan, Mahavir, Shankar Suvan etc.
  • Hanuman ji has a golden crown on his forehead
  • His body is decorated with golden gratification.
  • Hanuman ji lives in only one diapers.
  • Body like bjr.
  • Long tail.
  • In one of them, the mace (main weapon) resides.

Panchmukhi Form: –

Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman

When a demon named Marial stole the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu, when Hanuman ji comes to know this, he decides how he will return the Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Marial could change the form according to his desire, then Lord Vishnu blessed Hanuman ji with the power of wind and offered Garuda Mukha, the fear-generating Narasimha Mukha, Hayagriva Mukha for attaining knowledge and Varaha Mukha for happiness and prosperity. Parvati ji gave her a weapon called Kamal Pushp and Yamraj gave her a loop. With all the blessings and powers, Hanuman ji conquered Marial. Since then this Panchmukhi form was also recognized.

The worship of Hanuman ji is incomplete without the name of Shri Ram. Therefore, the fruit of worship of Hanuman will be obtained only when chanting the name of Shri Rama.

Hanuman ji was born on Tuesday. Therefore, worshiping Bajrambali on Tuesday is considered to be the best.

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