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Lord Shiva

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Some important questions and answers related to Lord Shiva, Click here to read Arti and Shiv Chalisa of Lord Shiva

Question:Why Shiva become a Lord as he killed his son, and if he did not know that Ganesha was his son, then how could he be God?

Answer:- Those types of questions are asked by the people which are contrary to Hinduism. But they do not know that all this is God’s play. They know all thing, but they cannot change the sequence of events created by themselves and it was mandatory to do so because if they did not do this then Lord Ganesha would not have become the first worshiper, as well as he could not be counted among the gods.

Lord SHiva

Question:- The reason for Lord Shiva’s third eye?

Answer:- The third eye of Lord Shiva teaches us to look at the world by moving away from social and worldly goods and resources. In fact, it gives a sense of vision that is beyond the five senses. That is why Shiva has been called Triyambak. This eye is said to be the symbol of knowledge and all-ghosts and that’s why it is believed that the their third eye cause destruction when it opens.

Question: – How to do Monday’s fast worship ?

Answer:- On Monday’s fast, offer white colored flowers, rice, sandalwood, betel leaf, betel nut, Ganga water and Belpatra on Shivling. Put jaggery in water and offer it to Shivalinga. Bellpaper should always be offered upside down (Smooth side upper on shivalinga). Belpatra should be never broken on Monday, Sankranti or Amavasya. To complete the fast, worship Lord Shiva before sunset and do Bhojan.

Question:- Did Lord Shiva consume drugs ?

Answer:- No, Lord Shiva never used to take drugs. This is completely untrue. They did not use anything like cannabis or chillum. He only drank poison once to protect the entire creation. Therefore, saying such a thing to any deity is like insulting them.

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