Maa Brijeshwari Devi (Nagarkot Temple)

Maa Brijeshwari Devi Temple is also known as Kangra Devi and Nagarkot Temple too. The mythological story of this temple is, “When Goddess Sati destroy herself in the yagya of her father Daksha, and Lord Shiva took her body on his shoulder and start doing “Tandav”. To save this world from Lord Shiva’s Tandav Lord Vishnu decided to use his “Sudarshan Chakra”. Devi Sati’s body divided into 51 parts from the Sudarshan of Lord Vishnu. This is the place where the Left Breast of Devi Sati was fall.

At the time of Kansa, one baby girl was found on the place of Lord Krishna, with mother Devki. But when Kansa took her to kill, She converted into a Devi known as Yogmaya. After that incident Devi yogmaya also went to that spot where Left Breast of Devi Sati fall. Devi Yogmaya gave their philosophy in Pandav’s dream, and told them to make a temple on that place. By doing this they will definitely win the war against Kaurvas. After that the Pandavas built a temple there in the night itself. It is the place where Devi Maa is seated herself.

Brijeshwari Devi Temple is 1 of the most popular place for Hindus. The special thing of this Bhawan of Mata Rani is that whatever wish the devotee ask for with full devotion, that wish is definetly fulfilled.


Maa Brijeshwari Devi is never angry with her devotees. Mata Rani is simply hungry for the love of her devotees. The Bhairav Baba who had troubled Devi Maa all her life, but when that Bhairav Baba apolized to the maa for his mistakes at the last stage of life, Mata Rani also forgave him. Even after that maa gave a boon to Bhairav that until my devotees do not worship you, they will not get fruits of my worship. This also show the kind nature of Mata Rani.

By going in this temple, a person forgets all his sorrows and pains.

At the last I just want to say:

Tere Darbaar me maiya, Khushi milti hai.

Thank You

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